It's not just a new millennium. It's a new age.

Spiritus Aetatis Aquarii Nobiscum!
May the spirit of the Aquarian Age be upon us!


The image above is Our Galactic Center.
Taken by the
Chandra X-Ray Observatory.  Credit: NASA/UMass/D. Wang et al.


Spring 2007  Update

AQUARIUS AGE: THE NEXT 2000 YEARS -- Galaxy Exploration and Development: 2010, 2100, 3001

Your Comments, Interaction Determine These Directions and Are Appreciated -- Please Respond both to info@aquarian-age.net, aquariusaa@aol.com.

Dear Planet Earth Fellow Resident,

You are respectfully requested to contribute your assessments, ideas, projections, hopes, opinions about our Human Future for these next 2000 years, and beyond.

2010, now arriving in less than 3 years, offers a vantage point and opportunity for the entirety of this 21st century, through 2100 -- with the experience / perspective from this first decade of the new century, new millenium, new bi-millenium, new age providing a reality base for credible and faithful observation and projection of the progress of Truths cosmic and self-evident.

2010 -- First Decade of This New Century / New Millenium / New Age -- some things, times are clear.

* 2010 Cosmos Perspective -- Earth-Moon "Cislunar" humanization capability opening new frontiers to free space, Mars, Asteroids, Jupiter / Solar Systems, Stars, Galaxy and beyond for humanity's exploration and development; International Space Station operationally complete, American space transit commercially available, International Lunar Observatory 2010, Antarctica analog and Stanford on the Moon major operations; Space Age at 50, from Sputnik-1 and Kennedy Moon challenge, to Chang'e-1 and Christa McAuliffe mission success; To the stars, moon and everything in-between.

* 2010 Earth Perspective -- Our spaceship Earth human growth approaching 7 billion people, planetary economy $40 trillion, lifespans increasing, health, education and welfare improving globally;

China rise central to general welfare, dire poverty elimination; India, Crescent Moon Countries, Africa also share continental concerns with Americas, Europe, Australasia; Aloha Hawaii 50th state at 50, after 2008 Olympics, US elections;

Western Civilization's USA heartland continues to nourish, support, empower the individual and related libertarian - egalitarian values and behaviors; Bush-Cheney war crimes tribunals under consideration in many communities, states (stolen election, illegal presidency, last flat-earth US president fighting last war of 20th century -- dead end, not way of future); women leading in statecraft Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi, WuYi, Clark, Clinton, Bachelet, Merkel, Royal are dramatic; as are spaceflight / astronaut females Ansari, Collins, Mukai, Chawla, Williams, Morgan and from Pakistan, Malaysia, Korea, Europe; though women will not gain equality till women walk (and work) on the Moon, beyond.

2100 -- First Century of This New Millenium / New Bi-Millenium / New Age -- some / few things and times are somewhat / faintly determinable

* 2100 Cosmos Perspective -- Solar System humanization capability enabled through robust Cislunar R&D enterprise initiated decades earlier by international, global cooperation and competence; developing NEO, Mars, Asteroid, Jupiter and trans-Saturn domains open new dimensions for interstellar, galactic exploration and interrelation; new cosmologies, understanding from intergalactic, trans-intergalactic research.

* 2100 Earth Perspective -- Multi-World Citizens increasing by thousands, all transcending war, poverty, after early 21st century Earth-Moon interglobal dynamics from USA star consciousness, imperative and pursuit, China centrality and East Asia economy, India satyagraha civilization, Europe revitalization with Russia fusion, Crescent Moon Countries spanning half the globe, Canada Fair-Witness, Japan Sun country energy pioneer, Africa, others quest for Southern Hemisphere equality.

New Energy abundance through processes that fire the stars: Thermonuclear fusion / solar power equivalence, Matter / anti-matter engagement; New American governing center upgrade on Kansas-Colorado plateau through logic of progress, equality (centrality of equi-distance) also accelerated by global warming / cooling coastal instabilities; New Transport dominant individual mode with microjet, microdisc making 20th century automobile culture relatively more archaic than 19th century horse and buggy (imagine being constricted to narrow, congested 2-dimensional concrete ribbons and made to Stop continuously);

Metrification of time along with weights and measures; a century's evolution of bio engineering, genomics and human-machine interaction through nano, pico and femto technologies, yielding species transformation, cyborg variance;

22nd century Western political ethos advancing new incarnations of USA Independence Declaration equality, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness truths self-evident; individual libertarian, egalitarian dynamic with freedoms raised, prisons razed, love and revolution; America the free, beautiful, star country has great seal destiny task Novus Ordo Seclorum; Ad Astra per Aspera;

Looking Forward 2010 - 2100
* 2010-2011-2012 1st decade / next decade transition gives decisive vantage point for 21st century; 2011, 2012 New Age, Mayan iconic year benchmarks; single planet species don't last; ascend, go up, transcend;

* 2015, 2019, 2020, 2022 Mid-decade planning and vantage point; 50 years Apollo Moon landing expeditions; 20-20 clear vision; Hubble dicovery of galaxy realities, consciousness 100 years ago

* 2048-2049-2050 Planet Earth at Mid 21st Century passes 9 billion individuals, after United Nations, People's Republic of China each mark 100 years

* 2061 Halley's Comet first Earth return since 1986

* Towards 2076 USA Tri-Centennial


* 3001 Cosmic -- Interstellar / Intergalactic; humankind / spacekind connecting cities of the universe; Starlife, species proliferation; AC Clarke vision realizable that Moon, Earth worlds can be moved, orbits changed; all stars or none

* 4001 Cosmic -- Beginning of next New Age, with Aquarius concluding; beyond infinity;


Your invited commentary and interaction should help result, before 2010, in a book, cd, dvd, film, theatrical, festival, or appropriate forum for our challenging and developing focus on The Age of Aquarius and the Next 2000 Years.

-- Please Respond both to info@aquarian-age.net, aquariusaa@aol.com. Thank you.

Best wishes / Ad Astra,
Steve Durst


Fall 2002  Update

Dear Planet Earth Resident,

Now 2.5 years past the 2000 Spring Equinox theoretical 'Zero Point 0' marking the Astronomical / Precessional start for the new age of Aquarius, some general observations can provide balance, clarity and confidence.

The pull of the stars increases in all lands -- globally -- at the dawning of this new age, by definition, of stars. A great time to be astro-oriented, at the start of the new decade/century/millenium/age.

And 2.5 years from now at 2005 Spring Equinox, timely and appropriately, a new age science conference "Our Galaxy and Its Center" will be held in, probably, the Northern California / San Francisco Bay Area.

A public event formally announcing the "Our Galaxy and Its Center" science conference is being planned for 2003 Spring Equinox, next March 20, at, possibly, the Morrison Planetarium / California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park SF. People are invited to learn more and participate in the event.

Human progress responding to the challenge of space and the pull of the planets and moon as well, is encouraging. Europe and Japan will send spacecraft to Luna and Mars in 2003, and China and India to the Moon likely in 2005-2007. American and Russian commercial enterprises will be making lunar access available to growing numbers as the decade advances.

Long before events, somewhat predictable, of September 2001, there has been clear necessity for progressive and constructive 21st century interaction with the globe-spanning 20% of humanity that is Islam. A New Age perspective naturally leads one to ask: What Stars are important to Islam? Are Muslims interested in the entire Full Moon as well as the Crescent Moon? 

For the USA and Americans, national transformation to a 21st century spacefaring, multi-world, star-bound people from the present dinosauric 19th century-style US empire with its hundreds of thousands of soldiers
occupying dozens of countries all round the world -- this national transformation and transcendence will be the work of our new millenium's first generations. Libertarian and egalitarian principles are eclipsing those of domination and suppression, with GW Bush possibly the last US flat-earth president.

Best wishes for a productive and happy Autumn 2002. I would appreciate your ideas and suggestions on these matters. The "Our Galaxy and Its Center" science conference has the potential and responsibility to redefine "New Age" and the "Age of Aquarius" for the entire century, and beyond.

Ad Astra, with Aloha,
Steve Durst


Age of Aquarius Declaration


Age of Aquarius Found

As the culmination of decades of ongoing historical, archeoastronomical, and astronomical research into the origins of the zodiacal ages by a dedicated international team of amateur scientific researchers and an astrologer, located from England to Hawaii, the Aquarian Age Network is pleased to report positive results.

From the infinity of space and eternity of time, researchers have found the only possible logical zero point for an astronomical calendar right where clues from cuneiform writings on ancient clay tablets led them.

These results were made possible only by space-age computer simulations and internet communications and data transfer; they were corroborated by multiple independent astronomical software applications incorporating the latest astronomical theories.

Containing very recent astronomical findings gleaned only in the waning weeks before the spring equinox, the Aquarian Age Network proclaimed the declaration to the world following the ringing of the bells at the moment of the spring equinox at St. Francis National Shrine in San Francisco.

Declaration of the Aquarian Age Arrival
20 March 2000

L-R Aquarian-Age Network members
Lance Carter, George Flory, and Steve Durst
declare the arrival of the Age of Aquarius
on the steps of St. Francis National Shrine, San Francisco, CA,
19 March 23:35 PST

While acknowledging the zero point of the zodiac to be defined as the point where the true galactic equator crosses the ecliptic between Taurus and Gemini, and recognizing the J2000 galactic equator defined by the galactic north pole of 12h 51.4m, 27° 8’ to be representative of the B1950 definition of the galactic coordinate system, by virtue of Sagittarius A* being recognized as the dynamical center of the galaxy with the true galactic equator passing through Sagittarius A*, and by virtue of the sun being at 90° 00’ 32” past the point of the crossing of the J2000 galactic equator and the ecliptic at the spring equinox of 20 March 2000, 07:35:35 GMT, we declare the Aqe of Aquarius to have unequivocally arrived.

Pax Aetatis Aquarii vobiscum!


rainbow line

The boundaries in the sky can be changed

rainbow line

The following map, created in August of 1997, shows Steve Durst's version of the boundary between Pisces and Aquarius. It takes less area out of the constellation Pisces than Lance Carter's map, and does not take any area out of the constellation Cetus.

first map of new aquarius-pisces boundary


This map by Lance Carter showing a possible new boundary between Pisces and Aquarius was also created in August of 1997. It was faxed from Lance to Steve at 11:11a.m.

second map of aquarius-pisces boundary

The final map shows the original boundary as designated by The International Astronomical Union in 1922